At the moment, the School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB), the Video Games Universitat del Videojoc, is the only university centre  in Catalonia that provides an all-encompassing training in video games, Serious Games and themed entertainment. I.e. the most complete, and covering all possible approaches, incorporating the experience and savoir faire of an expert teaching staff linked to the sector, thereby ensuring a constant update of the content and methodologies employed.

Thus at ENTI-UB you can currently choose between taking an vocational training course, a degree or a master’s degree. Yet what are this year’s new training options?

  • The new Vocational training Course in the Development of Multiplatform Applications for Video Games. Even though it incorporates creative and artistic aspects, this is a training course aimed at programmers (developers). This new advanced level vocational training course, focused on video game programming and digital leisure, arises in response to a strong demand for programmers needed by the current market. The programme for this Vocational training course includes the basic teachings for programming in both low level (C++ and Java) and high level languages (motors such as Unity and Unreal, among others) for both 2D and 3D developments, in terms of the optimal use of the hardware for computers, game consoles and mobile devices. Once you complete these studies, you can work as a technician in the development of applications for mobile devices or as a specialist in Playtesting (QA), among other positions.
  • The Master’s Degree in Production and Entrepreneurship of Digital Content. Focused on the profile of a digital industry producer. I.e. the study and practice of different models and parts of the business, ranging from managing projects and legal issues such as intellectual property to the monetisation of the product by means of digital marketing. Yet going further, and incorporating new areas such as digital technologies, gamification, advanced usability or transmedia narrative, that will improve your creative and executive capacity. Without a doubt, the addition of management skills with new languages and technologies makes it a unique master‘s degree. In addition, from the outset you will put the know-how into practice and arrange yourselves into groups – just as when working in the sector-, establishing co-working and networks of complicity in order to promote your projects. For this reason, the Master’s Degree will take place at the ENTI PRO entrepreneurship area. This is a master’s degree that is open to different profiles, as a result of companies and entrepreneurs needing to have interdisciplinary groups in order to carry out their projects. The job opportunities offered by this course range especially from: Director of Digital Projects, Games Analyst, and Head of Monetising, among others.
  • Master’s Degree in Music for Entertainment Experiences. This course is aimed at future musical composers, artists or producers. You will gain an in-depth knowledge in fields such as video games, apps, serious games, news games, gamification, simulators, etc. Yet also in music, in theme parks, the application of music in shows, live performances, theatrical devices or the music and sound in virtual reality. The main job opportunities it offers are: Video game composer, film or TV, music producer, sound technician, etc.

Lastly, the consolidated training offered by ENTI-UB should also be stressed. Of particular interest among these is:

The Advanced Level Vocational Training Course in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments, aimed at artists and those who love design; the Degree in Digital and Interactive Content (Developer Degree), the first university qualification in Applied Games nationwide, especially aimed at programmers and the Degree in Artistic Creation for Video games and Applied games (Artist Degree),  the first degree in Catalonia in video games for digital artists, lasting three years (180 ECTS).

Thus, with two degrees, two vocational training courses and two master’s degrees, ENTI-UB is consolidated as the best university for training in the field of video games.