Date of update: 28/04/2017

Arts & Storytelling = AS IT Development = ITD Game Design = GD Managment = M
1st YEAR
First semester
History of Games  MAND  6
Discrete mathematics and statistics BT  6
Fundamentals of programming  MAND  6
Introduction to Psychology BT  6
Games Design workshop  OB  6
Second semester
Programming in interpreted language BT  6
Algebra BT  6
Fundamentals of computers BT  6
Usability and Analysis of Games  MAND  6
Project I  MAND  6
2nd YEAR
Third semester
Video Game design  MAND 6
Technology of Programming BT  6
Operating Systems and Networks BT  6
Principles of Composition and Design BT  6
Project II  MAND 6
Fourth semester
Audiovisual Narrative  FB  6
Mechanics  FB  6
Modelling Scenarios  FB  6
Graphic IT  MAND  6
Project II  MAND  6
3rd YEAR
Fifth semester
Design of interfaces  MAND  6
Artificial intelligence techniques for video games  MAND  6
Fundamentals of modelling and character animation  MAND  6
Agile production methodologies  MAND  6
Project III  MAND  6
Sixth semester
Programming network games  MAND  6
Levels design  MAND  6
Music and digital audio production  MAND  6
Advanced game mechanics  MAND  6
Project III  MAND  6
4th YEAR
Seventh semester
Expanded games design  MAND  6
Design and production tools MAND  6
Digital distribution and digital product marketing MAND  6
Business models and monetisation scenarios in interactive products MAND  6
Eighth semester
Research into videogames  OP  6
Programming Games for Consoles  OP  6
Programming Games for Mobiles  OP  6
Advanced Animation Techniques  OP  6
External internship I  OP  6
External internship II  OP  6
End of Course Project ECP  12
Arts & Storytelling = AS IT Development = ITD Game Design = GD Managment = M

NB: BT: Basic Training, MAND.: Mandatory OP: Optional