All students applying to these degree, coming from any other degree related to the same branch, will benefit from automatic recognition of all the Basic Formation credits attended in that branch.

To proceed with the credit recognition, the document certifying the studies attended by the student must clearly state the nature and content of the courses in basic formation.

When proceeding with the automatic recognition of basic formation, if the number of original credits is different from 6 or a multiple of 6, the committee created for this purpose (Comisión de Transferencia y Reconocimiento de Créditos) will recognise as much credits as multiples of 3 the student possesses. In order to allow the student to get all the credits needed to obtain the Degree, the committee will help the student get to the next number of credits multiple of 3, within the list of all available academic activities.

The credits of Basic Formation attended in a branch different than those in this Degree may be recognised, as long as they are considered useful for this Degree by the commission (Comisión de Transferencia y Reconocimiento de Créditos), and it does not imply a deterioration in the quality of the formation. In accordance to this criteria, if the student comes from a different branch of knowledge but has attended Basic Formation credits from the same branch of our Degree, those credits will be recognised without any further constraint.

All other prior obtained credits may be recognised, considering its adaptation to the skills and knowledge related to other subjects that the student has attended and to those foreseen in the programme of this Degree. In all cases, all skills foreseen in the programme must be covered.

Also, in accordance to the law (Real Decreto 861/2010, de 2 de julio, por el que se modifica el Real Decreto 1393/2007, de 29 de octubre), all certified previous professional experience may also be recognised with credits valid for obtaining the Degree in Interactive Digital Content, as long as that experience is related with the skills foreseen in the Degree. The number of credits recognised from a previous professional experience and from non-university studies, can never be more than 15 percent of the total number of credits in the programme.

For the academic recognition of university activities in culture, sports, students representation, solidarity and cooperation (according to Articles 12.8 del RD 1393/2007), the Board of Directors from our Centre establishes which of this activities can be recognised and the number of corresponding ECTS, always with a maximum of 6 credits ECTS (article 46.2i del RD 1393/2007), considering the skills and knowledge obtained and its consistency with the Interactive Digital Contents Degree.

Regarding the Credit Transfer, our Centre will keep track in its official academic documents of all the credits obtained during previous official studies, either in the Universitat de Barcelona or any other university. These credits will appear in the student’s academic record as well as in the European Diploma Supplement.

In order to guarantee a proper functioning in the credit recognition, automatic or not, ENTI has created a special Committee for Credit Transfer and Recognition (Comisión de Transferencia y Reconocimiento de créditos).


For any doubts, please contact us through the form in the main page or calling at (+34) 93 323 36 64.