ENTI-UB (School of New Interactive Technologies) is the only university in Catalonia to offer two Degrees focused on video games, Serious Games and themed entertainment. Since its foundation—in 2013—it has offered the Degree in Interactive Digital Contents (Developer) and in the academic year 2016-2017, its offer will also include the Degree in Digital Creation and Production (Artist). We can now definitely state that ENTI-UB is the University for video game.

What is the difference between both degrees? Firstly, the Developer Degree focuses on programming using different languages as well as concepts related to mathematics, algebra, mechanics and physics. However, the Artist Degree promotes design and creativity. It is thus addressed to video game designers and digital artists.

Throughout the Developer Degree, all the analogical and digital platforms are taught: board, computer, smartphone, tablet, console, virtual and enhanced realities, etc. You will learn to program but at the same time you will gain knowledge of game design and acquire skill in project managing and integrating artistic elements. Moreover, this course offers a hands-on approach. You will develop video games and create your own project while working in a team, promoting entrepreneurship and learning to present your projects from the very beginning.

Regarding the Artist Degree, you will learn to conceptualize art and games, video games, Serious Games design and other interactive applications for mobile platforms. You will gain artistic abilities related to games and memorable experiences design. You will study 2D and 3D modelling and you will master the characters, landscapes and music creation process.

Finally, another difference between them is their length. The Developer Degree lasts 4 academic years (240 ECTS credits) while the Artist Degree lasts 3 years (180 ECTS credits).

Moreover, at ENTI-UB, you will be taught by the best teaching team. All of the professors are related to the video game and Serious Games industry. Choose the best training; study at the University for video game.