The White Book for the Design of University Degrees in Digital Economy has been published by the Spanish Ministry of Industry. It gathers all the professional profiles in degrees and master’s degrees on digital economy. ENTI-UB (School of New Interactive Technologies) is the only university specialized in video games in Catalonia that has had the pleasure to collaborate on this book.

This document has promoted the dialogue between the industry, the universities and the public administration. It is the first instance of a publication which joins together this sector’s tendencies and the training requirements to obtain relevant competences.

ENTI-UB is the only university school designed for and from the video game industry. All of the professors are related to the video game, Serious Games and themed entertainment fields. Most of our Professors either run a video game company or work in a big company in this field. ENTI-UB currently offers the Degree in Interactive Digital Contents and the Vocational Training Programme in 3D, Games and Interactive Environments. This university was born with the desire and the need to bring to Catalonia some of the studies and training that are already offered by the best universities worldwide. And the need to contribute to the emerging video game cluster in the Catalan capital city, Barcelona, with the best designers and professionals. Therefore, we haven’t hesitated when asked to collaborate on this publication.

All in all, the goals of this White Book can be summarised in: improving the dialogue between the industry and the university with the aim that the university profiles suit the market requirements.

You can access the White Book on University Degrees in Digital Economy here.