ECTS credits: 240

In the Degree in Interactive and Digital Contents our students will learn, through a holistic approach, the whole process of creating and developing video games. Conceptualizing, designing, producing and managing ludic elements but also Serious Games, which aim at playing a main role in the Applied Games field.

Always taking into account the wide range of this industry market and thus orienting it towards any other discipline: pure entertainment, architecture, health, sport, education, communication, physiotherapy, etc.  And also, obviously, to any support and format already existing, either analogical or digital—PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, games console, cinema, video, audio, etc.

This Degree is in engineering but it is not limited to help develop the strengths in the left hemisphere (rational, scientific, logical, mathematical and precise) but it clearly bets on promoting the best qualities of the right hemisphere (passionate, creative, entropic, innovative and emotional). Therefore, it participates in the whole process of developing by experiencing from the most technical part to the feelings that we want to pass on through the game. They are not products made on an assembly line but personal creations with a global implication.

Closely related to the video game industry

All the members of the teaching staff at ENTI-UB are professionally linked to the Video Game and Serious Games industry. Therefore, the contents and technological tools are constantly updated and a more successful entry in the labour market after completing the studies is ensured. That is the reason for us to hold agreements with many other courses and also companies in this field.

The aim of this degree at ENTI-UB is to offer a comprehensive training of the future game designers, artists and producers. Moreover, ENTI-UB is part of two networks of international excellence which are carrying out strong research projects applied in this field, such as JamToday and GameBIZ.

Throughout the Degree in Interactive Digital Contents you will learn to work as a team, to use agile methodologies in managing, to find out your role in the video game industry itself, to create your own project and to become an entrepreneur from the very beginning.  And all the above-mentioned while being progressively introduced to the English language in the courses to be able to access the global market.