Are you interested in audiovisual production and looking for a master’s degree with a specific content and a digital vision? Have you heard about transmedia narrative and would like to apply it to your projects but do not know how? The Master’s Degree in Production and Digital Content Entrepreneurship offers a curriculum made to deepen in the world of audiovisual production along with a great specialization in digital content realization.

New forms of content creation have increased the demand of professionals with knowledge of the sector. Thus jobs as Director of Digital Projects, Production Manager and / or Digital Product or Director of Content are some of the possible professional opportunities for our students.

Likewise, any professional who comes from the cinema sector and wants to take a step further in their career will find in our Master an opportunity to have a more innovative vision of the industry.

Our faculty has an extensive experience in the audiovisual and digital field, so you can benefit from an holistic training. In addition to several experts in marketing or project management, the master’s degree includes in its faculty Dr. Alfonso Freire, an advertising creative, university professor and storytelling specialist who will be in charge of Transmedia Narrative classes.

Since starting the course you will work in small groups, as it is done in the audiovisual sector, so you can establish coworking dynamics and forge a network for future professional projects. Networking is a key point in the audiovisual world in order to start new projects, so from ENTI we enhance this aspect of our masters.

If you want to expand your digital knowledge while learning about audiovisual production, join our Master’s Degree in Production and Digital Content Entrepreneurship at ENTI-UB, the University of Videogames.