The new Master’s degree in Digital Production Content and Entrepreneurship from the School of New Interactive technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB), the Video Games University, addresses and relates aspects associated with intellectual property, the big data, monetisation or digital marketing, focusing on the profile of the digital industry producer, i.e. the study and practice of different models and parts of the business, ranging from conceptualisation to managing projects. In addition, unlike other master’s degrees with a similar theme, this goes further and incorporates new areas such as digital technologies, gamification, advanced usability, story-telling or TransMedia narrative that will improve your creative and executive capacity.

The addition of management skills with new languages and technologies makes this master’s degree unique. In addition, from the outset you will put the know-how into practice and arrange yourselves into groups – just as when working in the sector-, establishing co-working and networks of complicity in order to promote your projects. For this reason, the Master’s Degree will take place at the ENTI PRO entrepreneurship area.

With regard to the syllabus, it should be noted that the Producer master’s degree, with a duration of one academic year, is structured around subjects such as: Technology of Innovation; Art, Visual design and creativity; Business Strategy and Management; Innovation and New Trends in Digital Content Production and Entrepreneurship, Tools for Digital Content Production and Entrepreneurship, in addition to the end of master’s course project.

All told, this master’s degree course is aimed at a wide range of professional profiles, since it deals with entrepreneurship on the one hand and working in multidisciplinary groups on the other. Multiple profiles add more and help students to think differently and therefore to innovate in the conceptualisation of new digital products or services. The recommended profiles for this qualification are therefore different: from students with basic knowledge of Art, Humanities, Engineering, the Business World, Marketing and, of course, Interactive Digital Content.

Lastly, the job prospects for this course can mainly be summed up as: CDO or Chief Digital Officer, Director of Digital projects, Head of Production and/or Digital Product, Director of Content, Digital Economy Designer or Architect, Digital Business Development Director, Crowd-funding Designer, Games Analyst and even Head of Monetisation and Founder of a Start-up company.

Become a digital industry producer with the new Producer Master’s Degree from ENTI-UB, the Video Games University.