Are you considering a specialised qualification in video games in Barcelona? The School of New Interactive Technologies (Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives – ENTI-UB), the Video Games University offers you the most up-to-date and top quality training in this field. With its two university degrees: the Developer and the Artist, you will combine the two cerebral hemispheres; on the one hand the scientific, rational and logical one, and on the other the one involved in passion, creativity and innovation. In addition, you will be designing video games from the outset, and won’t have to wait until the final year to carry out a project. From the first day of the first year you will design your own project, working as part of a team, with criteria of entrepreneurship, and will learn to present your proposals. Yet what are the main characteristics of these studies?

Firstly, it should be emphasised that the Developer Degree is the first university qualification in Applied Games nationwide, especially aimed at programmers. Having said that, you will also acquire know-how in game design, and skills in managing projects and integrating artistic elements. All the course subjects you will take are applied to the design of video games. In short, once you complete these studies, you will become a future Developer – Game Designer with production know-how.

As for the Artist Degree, it should be noted that it is the first degree in Catalonia in video games for digital artists, lasting three years (180 ECTS). During these studies you will learn to conceptualise the art and design of games, videogames, applied games and all kinds of interactive applications, and also for mobile platforms. You will acquire the artistic skills most aimed at designing memorable games and experiences. You will learn to create scenarios, environments, landscapes, characters, music and everything that you are capable of imagining.

However, a feature common to both Degrees is that all the course subjects are related to the world of video games and applied games: From Mathematics to History, in order to have sound examples and references; to Psychology in order to define the most powerful game dynamics; to subjects related to the Design of analogue and digital games, where you will decide which elements of the game to choose in order to combine them and generate powerful game-play mechanics; to the Narrative and the Script, key elements in creating epic stories with powerful characters and universes, etc. All of these have a real application when it comes to putting your idea into practice in the form of video games.

In addition, ENTI-UB is the only university centre applying the methodology of ‘ learning by doing ‘, an experiential model in which there is no distinction between theory and practice, because they are dealt with together from the outset. This means that you will work on practical material based on specific projects designed by ENTI-UB’s expert teaching staff, in permanent contact with important external collaborators in the sector. As a student you will be distributed into balanced groups where you will take on the same roles as in the video game industry, using the same responsive management methods as those used in real companies.

Other advantages of studying at ENTI-UB are the fact of having an excellent teaching staff, coming from the field of video games, in the broadest sense of the term. Most of them have their own video game studios or work for a major company in the sector. This will help you to connect with the innovation in the sector and, above all, aid you in achieving better job placement.

This University also has important partners such as Ubisoft, Digtal Legends, King, Kerad Games, PlayBenefit or Blitworks among many others, and is part of two major European research projects such as the JamToday network, made up of 25 leading international partners from different European cities, and  GameBiz, aimed at  setting up business incubators in university and higher education environments, in order to cultivate entrepreneurship before students finish their training.


If your aim is to study video games in Barcelona, choose the best university centre: ENTI-UB, the Video Games University.