The School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI) was founded based on a desire and a need: the desire to share, in Barcelona, the educational programmes and training that the top universities in the world are already offering, and the need to contribute to the burgeoning videogame cluster in our city with the top creatives and professionals in the field. The Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Digital Contents offered by ENTI, a school affiliated with the University of Barcelona (hereinafter UB), is the first university degree in applied games in Spain. It was created in conjunction with the UB is affiliated with its architecture and engineering branches.

Our students will learn how to conceptualise, design, produce and manage video games and serious games, the latter also called applied games, always bearing in mind the entire scope of the potential market and therefore gauging them to the entire target discipline (pure entertainment, health, sports, education, communication, physical therapy, etc.). They will also learn to take into account in all the possible formats, either analogical or digital (PC, Mac, Smartphone, tablet, console, cinema, video or music).

Is ENTI (UB) an engineering degree?  The right answer is yes, yet that is an insufficient definition because our strength and novelty lie in combining both sides of the brain: the left side (rational, scientific, logical, mathematical and rigorous) and the right side (passionate, creative, entropic, innovative and emotional). To us, it is essential to build both the process of implementing any memorable experience and its script, its aesthetic-musical design and its rules. We have to think first and programme second.