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Foundations of Gameplay

Game development and interactive media, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden, 2011.


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  • December 2015. Panel speaker at “The Future of Applied Game Design”, jamToday 2015, Barcelona, Spain.
  • November 2015. Invited talk “Designing for Public Urban Playfulness”, Clash of Realities, Cologne, Germany.
  • November 2015. Invited talk “Designing for Urban Playfulness”, Ludification of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • August 2015. Panel speaker at book launch of “Gameful World”, Melbourne, Australia.
  • December 2014. Invited talk “Core Concepts for Playful Design”, VeGA Camp, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • October 2014. Conference talk “Combining Behavioural Change Techniques and Playability Heuristics in Mobile Health Game Design”, Games for Health Europe 2014, Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • May 2011. Invited lecture “Leikillisyyden rooli käyttökokemuksen muodostumisessa (The role of playfulness in user experience)”, Information Design Seminar, Lahti, Finland.
  • December 2009. Invited talk “Beyond Just Games: Playfulness as a Design Driver”, SIGGRAPH Asia, Yokohama, Japan.
  • October 2009. Panel speaker at “Games as Art?”, ManSEDANse electronic music, art, and culture festival (, Tampere, Finland.
  • September 2008. Invited 2-hour lecture “Principles of Game Design”, Utrecht School of the Arts, Netherlands.
  • June 2008. Invited talk “Designing Gameplay” at NLGD Games Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands (
  • November 2007. Invited talk “Massively Multiplayer Mobile Phone Games” at Mobile Monday, Helsinki, Finland (
  • October 2006. Invited lecture “Play and Games”, Insomnia electronic music festival, Tromsø, Norway.
  • September 2007. Panel speaker at “Game Ontologies”. DiGRA 2007, Tokyo, Japan.
  • July 2006. Invited lecture “Introduction to Game Design Patterns”, Berlin Games Academy, Berlin, Germany.
  • July 2006. Invited lecture “Introduction to Game Design Patterns”, IGDA Frankfurt Chapter Meeting, Frankfurt, Germany.
  • May 2006. Guest lectures “Game Design Patterns” and “Social Interaction in Mobile Phone Games” at University of Linköping, Sweden.
  • March 2006. Lecture “Making the most of Mobile devices for gaming!”, Nokia Learning Institute, Paris, France.
  • March 2006. Lecture “Making the most of Mobile devices for gaming!”, Nokia Learning Institute, San Francisco, USA.
  • February 2006. Keynote “Game Design Research” at SiDER conference, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • November 2005. Guest lecture “Introduction to Ludology” at University of Lapland, Finland.
  • 2005-2006. Consultant for game design at ELVI – Environment for Lucrative Virtual Interaction project funded by the Objective 2 Programme of the European Union.
  • November 2003. Lecture “Mobiilipelit ja yhteisöllisyys: rauhaa, rakkautta ja rautaa rajalle (Mobile games and communities: peace, love, and steel to the borders)” at MindTrek, Tampere, Finland.
  • November 2003. Speaker at panel “Pervasive Games” at Level Up – 1st international Digital Games Research Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • October 2003. Lecture “Pelien suunnittelun mallit ja metodit (Game design patterns and methods)” at Agora Gamelab Seminar, Jyväskylä, Finland.
  • August 2003. “Game Design Patterns” at GDC Europe, London, UK.
  • May 2003. Invited lecture “Game Prototyping” at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy.
  • March 2003. “Game Design Patterns” at GDC, San Jose, USA.
  • March 2003. Invited lecture “Experimental Game Prototyping for a Better Tomorrow” at MGAIN: Mobile Entertainment Conference, Manchester, UK.
  • July 2001. Lecture “Problems of Machine-Consciousness” at “Aspects of Machine-Consciousness: Art, Science and Spirituality” seminar, Jyväskylä Arts Festival, Jyväskylä, Finland.


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  • 2011. Play Society, case in Next Media programme for Tivit – Finnish Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation. Helsinki Institute for Information Technology and University of Tampere. Case leader.
  • 2009 – 2011. Transforming Digital Play, workpackage Games and Innovation, university and industry collaboration project funded by Tekes – The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. University of Tampere and University of Jyväskylä. Member of the advisory group.
  • 2007 – 2009. Games as Services, Tekes-project. University of Tampere and Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. Member of the steering group.
  • 2006 – 2009. Fun of Gaming (FUGA) EU-project. Member of the industrial advisory board. See .
  • 2004 – 2008. Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming, IPerG,  EU-project. Workpackage leader, Nokia representative in the executive board . See
  • 2002 –. Game Design Patterns Project. Interactive Institute & Chalmers University of Technology. Lead researcher. See
  • 2006 – 2008. GameSpace, Tekes-project. University of Tampere.  Member of the steering group.
  • 2003 – 2006. Mobile Content Communities. Tekes-project. University of Tampere, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Helsinki School of Economics, University of California, Berkeley and MIT Media Laboratory.  Member of the steering group.
  • 2003 – 2005. Wireless Gaming Solutions for the Future (Mogame), Tekes-project. Member of the steering group.
  • Communication and Community in Digital Entertainment Services, University of Tampere. Member of the steering group. See Järvinen, A., Heliö, S. and Mäyrä, F. Communication and Community in Digital Entertainment Services: Tampere University Press, Tampere, Finland, 2002
  • 1999 – 2001. Pirates! Ubiquituous computer game. Interactive Institute, Sweden. Project initiator and manager.




2016 – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. Research associate at RMIT Europe, Barcelona, Spain, and a core member of the Centre for Game Design Research.

– Member of the executive board of Digital Games Research Association

Game design


Game Design, Games Research, User Experience Research

Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Spanish


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