During the Degree in Artistic Creation for Video games and Applied Games (Artist Degree) from ENTI-UB, the Video Games University, achieve a specialised training in 2D and 3D with a real application. In the course of these studies, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the creative mechanisms needed to generate conceptual art and game design, as well as in sound editing, 3D modelling and animation of characters and physical effects. However, in addition, there are 5 reasons that will convince you to study for this qualification. Would you like to learn what they are?

  • Learning by doing methodology. You will create Video Games and Serious Games from the very first day of the course. From the first day of class, from the minute zero, you will begin to work on the design of video games or applied games. e. you won’t have to wait for the fourth year; from the very beginning you will begin to create your project, working in a team and applying the same systems and roles that are used on an everyday basis in the professional video game industry.
  • A teaching staff trained by professionals in the sector. In the Artist Degree you will study at the hands of a qualified teaching staff linked professionally to the video game industry. All the lecturers either have their own video game studios or work for a major company in the sector. This aids in connecting with innovation in the sector, and above all better employment prospects for this University’s students.
  • Internships in leading companies in the field of video games. While you study the Artist Degree at ENTI-UB, you will have the opportunity to carry out academic internships at important companies in the sector such as: Ubisoft, Digtal Legends, King, Kerad Games, PlayBenefit or Blitworks, among many others.
  • While you are studying the Artist Degree, you will be connected with the working groups of various international universities. In addition, ENTI-UB promotes the exchange of knowledge with the best universities in Europe and the English-speaking world. In addition, it participates in the European JamToday and GameBIZ programmes, which are carrying out powerful research projects (R&D) applied to the field of video games and applied games.
  • The syllabus of the Artist Degree focuses on promoting the students’ entrepreneurial spirit. An example is the ENTI PRO area: a project that aims to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the fourth year students from this university. In this way the students experience active learning, familiarising themselves with the reality of the profession before completing their studies.

If you would like to design new video games, choose the Artist Degree at ENTI-UB, a training course filled with advantages.  Come along and find out about these studies in detail at the Open Day on Saturday the 10th of February at 10:00 am.  Please sign up here.