The School of New Interactive Technologies affiliated with the University of Barcelona (ENTI-UB) was created to contribute to the growth and consolidation of the cluster of video games and Serious games that is spreading around Barcelona and other cities in Catalonia. For this reason, our centre, of a private nature but affiliated with the University of Barcelona, has been the first to create Degrees, Master’s Degrees and Advanced Vocational Training devoted to the training of professionals throughout the entire creation chain, from the programming, artistic design, production and music related to video games and Serious Games, which are also known as Applied Games. All our degrees are regulated and official.

The first ENTI-UB university degree was entitled INTERACTIVE DIGITAL CONTENT, a degree designed for future programmers (Advanced Developers) with a strong basis of game designand creativity. The need for Advanced Developers to work with artists led us to create a new degree entitled ARTISTIC CREATION FOR VIDEO GAMES AND APPLIED GAMES (Artists) to complement the design teams. Other aspects of the production process have been gradually complemented by two Master’s Degrees. The first in DIGITAL CONTENT PRODUCTION AND ENTERPRENEURSHIP and the second in MUSIC FOR ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCES. The former is devoted to the production and monetisation and the latter to the musical coverage of video games and applied games, among other experiences.

ENTI-UB seeks to embrace the entire field of higher education and, for this reason, we have always believed that Vocational Training should be conducted within the university environment. Therefore we have created two Advanced Vocational Training courses to complement and validated with the university degrees. Specifically, 3D ANIMATION, GAMES AND INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENTS and CROSS-PLATFORM APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT FOR VIDEO GAMES AND DIGITAL LEISURE.

From the very beginning ENTI has had a clear objective: to search for professors who, beyond their academic specialisation, have a perfect knowledge of the video game world. And more importantly, for their teaching to be completely linked to Video Games. In other words, ENTI doesn’t teach anything that is not directly linked to video games and their applications. Mathematics, Physics, Programming and Usability; everything that is taught and learnt has a direct relationship with the process of creating and producing Video games and Digital Animation.

Another of ENTI’s goals is to recruit professors who regularly work in and for the Video Game industry... Maintaining permanent contact with the industry within the sector is essential. Like all technological industries, this is a very dynamic sector, where programs vary, languages ​​evolve and the needs of the end consumer are changing. Maintaining permanent contact within the sector is a stimulus for permanently upgrading our content and methods, and this is achieved thanks to people who work in the sector on a daily basis.

At ENTI (UB) we learn by doing. This is an experiential model whereby we don’t distinguish between theory and practice, as they are merged from the very beginning. Our students work on “reality” as a result of specific projects designed by the teaching staff, in permanent contact with our external partners from the sector. The students are divided into balanced groups, in which they assume the same roles as those in the Video Game industry. All the subjects, from the Games Workshop to the Dissertation at the end of the year, as well as the demanding classes on the History of Video Games, making use of this efficient methodology, involving a very high degree of transfer. At ENTI (UB) prototypes are created from Day 1.

The satisfaction surveys of our students highlight the approachability of our teaching staff and the tutors. At ENTI (UB) we monitor each of the students in a personalised manner and constantly help them with their personal itineraries, stimulating the aspects in which they stand out in vocational terms and reinforcing everything requiring improvement.

We don’t settle for offering a degree, we aim to create professionals who will integrated into the sector with ease. For this reason English is gradually introduced into the subjects, there is a clear focus on entrepreneurship and powerful international connections are encouraged. There are many opportunities if we take into account that our field of work is, essentially, the whole planet.