“Strategy and design as a business model”. Master class by Alex Levin

Alex Levin is the founder of L+R, a digital consultancy firm founded in Brooklyn (NY) which also has a head office in Barcelona, that combines creative design and technology. He has been selected by the Forbes magazine for its 2019 “30 under 30” list (the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years of age).

During his master class with the students at Enti (invited by Professor Ivan Leider), Alex highlighted some of the communication projects conducted by L+R for customers such as General Electric, T-Mobile and Global Citizen, in which they contributed elements related to video games to the design concept. In short, experiences were gamified.

The key points of particular interest for our students were:

People like having some sort of interaction rather than just signing up for an act or event. The Global Citizen project proposes actions that award points which can be exchanged. This project promotes public engagement and highlights that gamification strategies don’t always have to focus on rewards of products. We often merely seek consumers’ involvement and make them feel part of a collective experience so that they feel more linked to the brand.

Similarly, many of the goals of gamification campaigns are difficult to quantify. Each experience has to have its own success indicator (KPI), which may be different in each case. This will sometimes be how many times a button has been pressed on an application, how many people have been invited to the same place, etc.

The potential of the ENTI-UB student profile was underlined in the gamified communication campaigns, given that, although many companies and studies have fully integrated marketing and design aspects, they still lack the “touch” of the video game creator to identify what works and what doesn’t work in a gamified campaign. Especially when many companies currently use the same tools as those used to create video games (such as the Unity engine) to obtain visual results similar to those of popular video games (e.g. the T-Mobile and Clash Royal campaigns).

The world of video game creation has also been incorporated into the design, the Play Testing concept, in order to fine-tune the usability of apps and digital products, thus making them better and more attractive.

To sum up, a talk that makes it clear that the model of the digital creator trained at ENTI-UB can also find its future in the field of gamified experiences.