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The college has an unbeatable location near one of the main access roads to the Ciutat Comtal, Avinguda Diagonal, and is part of the research and university education facilities complex of the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (a joint initiative of the UB and the UPC), as well as within the Diagonal Campus of the University of Barcelona. A university and young atmosphere surrounded by faculties and some of the most emblematic spots in the city such as the Palau Reial Park and the Barcelona Football Club Stadium.

Access to the campus is facilitated by the numerous public transport network connections. It can be reached using the L3 subway line (and in the near future the L9 line), the tram that connects it with the surrounding towns and several bus lines.

ENTI Barcelona

The college building, completely renovated in 2018, has a lecture room equipped with a computer for each student and offers all the necessary material and equipment for their training: ranging from a professional quality music studio, designed for students doing the Degree in Music Production (which is also often used by other students to provide video games with professional sound), to chroma audio-visual facilities, motion capture suits, and Omni immersive 360º VR stations in which one can move physically in the virtual space.

There is a small canteen where students can take a break, with vending machines with drinks and snacks and microwaves to heat their lunch, and the college has a variety of restaurants in the surrounding area, either in other faculties as well as restaurants and bars in the area.

Among the facilities close to the college, the Sports Service of the University of Barcelona stands out, which allows students of the university degrees to access at their facilities to do sports on their own or in directed activities at a discounted price.

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