14102020 - ENTI - WEB - POSTGRADO E-LEADERSHIP - 04 (1)

General information

The world advances at a very fast speed, and we are also living in a VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) that has taught us to understand life and work from another perspective, creating new work habits (teleworking) , online meetings, digital training …

Personal and professional development has always been an added value, and in this ever-changing world it is increasingly necessary to be professionally prepared for the new challenges that we must face in the nearest future.

Internet and social networks have been for a few years not only a means of communication, but also of learning, work, entertainment … to know the different media, the uses that can be given to them, to make the most of the resources and possibilities that they offer is necessary for any business and institutional professional.

The Postgraduate course in Business and Institutional e-Leadership & Digital Manager will train you as a Digital Manager so that you can define the strategy, create content, analyze data, choose the appropriate media (social networks, blog, digital media, SEO and SEM) to position a brand or a leader in the right place on the Internet and social networks, impact new audiences or create a personal brand 4.0.

Are you ready to add value to the network?



You will know the latest trends in marketing, communication and measurement in social networks, Big Data, to have a global vision of how to be a more effective Digital Manager.

You will learn to autonomously lead digital projects that cover all areas of the digital ecosystem: strategy, content, big data, digital media.

You can work as a Digital Manager of your personal brand or the brand of a leader or manager, brand or institution.

Lead the digital transformation of companies or organizations by developing an effective communication strategy on the Internet, with a differentiating and successful storytelling, and multimedia content.

Creation of your own personal digital brand or that of a leader or manager through different media, which provides more scope and better results to turn you into a digital leader.

Create digital marketing campaigns more efficiently: monitoring and controlling results using the different Analytics and Big Data tools.

More effective use of data and knowledge of the trends, topics and keywords that are in the news at all times to better understand the target audiences.

Create an offline and online professional digital networking network with digital opinion leaders, influencers and future digital managers.



Postgraduate to train the leaders of the future or the companies of the future and professionals with all the necessary digital knowledge to work independently or develop their own project or personal brand:

  • Live experiences in company: real professional experience in your company.
  • Learning by doing methodology combined with practical classes.
  • On-site sessions with leading experts from companies, institutions and politics.
  • Webinar live masterclass  explaining practical and real case of application of knowledge acquired by Postgraduate module.
  • Vip face-to-face masterclass at the beginning and end with references from the digital world.
  • Digital case studies that you can see whenever you want online from experts in each subject who will explain their experiences with their projects and companies.
  • On live discussions about the webinar cases.
  • Realization of a digital project of the subject or brand you choose tutored and with a final presentation before a court.
  • Offline experiences: visits to leading companies in the digital world.

3 weeks a month face-to-face class or live online Friday and Saturday

1 week a month live webinars with digital leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, digital managers, experts, CMOs and company managers, executives of leading institutions in the digital and business ecosystem who will share their knowledge and experiences online: 16 live webinars.

Debates on live about the cases of the webinars.

3 individual case studies.

1 final teamwork: a digital project of the topic or brand you choose, supervised and with a final presentation before a court.

Calendar & timetable

Pre-registration period until 12/31/2020

Enrollment period until 08/01/2021

Star Date: January 22th 2021

End Date: July 15th 2021


Presential and online lectures depending on the student’s needs

Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00


Subjects and teaching staff


5 content modules:

Module 1: Strategy 4.0

  1. 1. Digital leadership concept
  2. 2. Digital marketing trends and the digital ecosystem
  3. 3. Digital Communication Plan:
    • Situation analysis and digital diagnosis
    • Definition of objectives and target audiences
    • Messages and media strategy
    • Action plan
    • Actions for monitoring and controlling the KPIs

Module 2: Storytelling

  1. 4. Content strategy, insights and keywords
  2. 5. Transmedia narrative.
  3. 6. Digital storytelling for brands, institutions or leaders and personalization of the message.
  4. 7. Multimedia content (creation of video content, infographics, podcasts, memes …).
  5. 8. Social media live.
  6. 9. Interaction and citizen participation actions.
  7. 10. Actions with influencers and opinion leaders.
  8. 11. Inbound marketing to attract new audiences.
  9. 12. Webs and blogs.

Module 3: Media Lab

  1. 13. Google Adwords Campaigns
  • SEM: Control panel and analytical dashboards.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Advertising on other social networks: Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Advertising in digital media and blogs.
  • Digital advertising: Communication with digital media and bloggers.
  • Social Ads: Full funnel strategy and audience strategy (create pixel, create audiences …) + Advanced techniques (automated rules, dynamic ads …)
  • ADS legislation.
  1. 14. Social Media:
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram and Pinterest and social networks photos: tumblr, flickr.
  • Youtube and other video networks.
  • Linkedin and other professional social networks: Xing, Blab.
  • Twitter.
  • New social networks: Tik tok, facecast, Lasso …
  1. 15. SEO positioning of websites and blogs.
  2. 16. Mobile marketing and SMS and WhatsApp campaigns.
  3. 17. Digital media and eNews.

Module 4: Big Data

  1. 18. BBDD and Big Data platform, main data sources, privacy and ethics, BBDD management and Big Data platforms.
  2. 19. Business Intelligence.
  3. 20. Monitoring, KPI’s and Google Analytics and social networks (Facebook Statistics, Twitter Analythics…), Analytics: Hotjar (heat web maps).
  4. 21. Social customer care.
  5. 22. Meta Data, Data Studio, Programatics (RTD).

Module 5: Personal Branding

  1. 23. Digital Management for institutional and business leaders: the figure of the digital manager, responsibilities and team, planning and work process, external providers: how to hire, contracts, how to work, requirements, digital and creative briefing; budget: creation and management of digital budget and legislation: LOPD, LSSI, LGP.
  2. 24. Personal Branding 4.0: personal branding creation for leaders and organizations.
  3. 25. Digital leadership trends.


Postgraduate Director: Chal Jiménez (LinkedIn)
Postgraduate Coordinator: Cristóbal Avilés (LinkedIn)




Pere Navarro ZAL
Raquel Guillén Manager Influencers Dulceida
Montse Guardia Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem
Maritcha Ruiz Director of Communication PSOE
Enrique SanJuan Webinars and Digital Marketing Expert
Jordi Hereu President of Hispasat
José Antonio Rodríguez Salas Government Presidency and former Mayor of Junn
Jordi Roche ENTI-EUSES
Richard Wakefield President of Implicados Advertising and professor at Blanquerna
Fernanda Jaramillo Technological Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Founder and CEO of the company Social&Tech
Carlos Macho Head of Communications at Wallapop
Chal Jiménez Writer, Digital Manager and professor at ESIC, Blanquerna, UIC
Virtu Morón Journalist
Juan Pablo Oviedo CEO The Connector
Sergio Trujillo Expert in SEO and SEM and professor at ESIC and Nuclio Digital School
Óscar Álvarez CEO Click-It Technologies
Lourdes Muñoz Founder of Barcelona Open Data and Dones en Xarxa
Carlos Guadián IT consultant and professor Blanquerna URLL
Bernat Sanromà Creative Director
Marc Murtra Managing Partner Closa Investments
Pau Solanilla Mobile World Capital Barcelona
Belén Pueyo Digital Manager of “Operación Triunfo” TV show
Txell Costa Lecturer, teacher at UOC and
book author of ‘Working happy’ & ‘Liderar en femenino’
Antonio Rabaneda Mobile Account Manager – App Marketing Specialist at PICKASO
David Donaire Diputació de Barcelona
Lucía Piqué SEO expert and lecturer at ESIC
Ricardo Terrades Creative director in Una mosca en mi sopa
Elisabet Cañas Expert Consultant in Linkedin
Josep Salvat CEO in Josep Salvat PR and lecturer at ESIC and UAB
Jonathan Martínez Diputació de Barcelona
Silvia Forés Human Resources Manager for Mandarin Oriental and Chairman of Foment del Treball Human Resources Forum
Lucio Pérez Sanders Creative and Big Data expert
Marcelo Pérez Sanders CEO Numeral 8, BIG Data specialist
Noel Nuez Country Manager of Tik Tok for Spain & LATAM
Carolina González Ex Digital Manager of Policia Nacional and Subdirectora del Departamento Digital. Secretaría de Estado de Comunicación. Spanish Goverment.
Sonia Luna Digital Manager of Telepizza
Daniela Goicoetchea Cofounder at Brandcrops. Former CMO of Goiko.
Carlos Fernández Guerra Digital & Social Media Director at Iberdrola
Ángela Gutiérrez Advisor at Ministerio de Sanidad and lawyer
Inma Cabrera International Marketing Manager Gaes



To enroll in the postgraduate course, it is necessary to follow those steps:

Fill in the information form (More Info! button on the right bar) to contact the course director and schedule a preliminary interview.

Once the interview has been carried out if you’re decided to continue with the registration, send an email requesting the formalization of the registration with the following information:


  • Name and surname
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Current profession
  • Previous studies
  • Digital knowledge: if you have a blog, social networks, experience or not in the digital world.
  • Phone
  • Mode that interests you: in person and online or only online.
  • Relate your experience in the digital world in 3 lines.
  • What do you want to achieve by completing this postgraduate course?

Email to: masters@enti.cat


Digital marketing management.
Digital manager of a company or manager of a company.
Digital manager of a leader or manager of an institution.
Community manager.
Content creator for brands or political or business leaders.
Big Data Analyst.
Responsible for digital communication or social media in company or institution.
Responsible personal brand of a leader or manager.
Digital transformation of companies or institutions.
Digital CMO of a company or institution.