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Thanks to the CFGS in 3D Animation, Games and Interactive Environments, you’ll be able to:

Generate 2D and 3D animations, program in high-level languages and conceptualise projects starting from the first draft for digital productions of Video Games and Applied Games and Theming within the context of interactive multimedia products. You’ll be able to carry out real projects, create their narratives and generate real-time natural interactions and apply them to the world of Entertainment and the Spectacle, Museology, Education, Medicine, Sport, Marketing, etc. From resource management to the taking and processing of images and sounds, organising and executing the phases for the creation of all kinds of audiovisual materials.

You’ll be ready to work for companies engaged in Thematic and Multimedia Entertainment, video games and Applied Games and cinematographic producers looking for experts to help them to innovate by means of disruption. Experts capable of generating attractive and innovative products. A world that will provide almost 1 million jobs in 2017, and that’s only in the EU.

Only at ENTI-UB will you find an exclusive module for themed entertainment and applied games. Remember that Serious or Applied Games are entertaining and develop skills and resolve other challenges, applying gamification to sectors such as medicine, recovery through physiotherapy, learning and the creation of simulators, among many others. Don’t forget that the attractions and content of museums and theme parks are basically large video games that require the technical and artistic training of a technical artist.

Career Opportunities

  • Designer for Mobile Devices
  • Web Designer
  • Video Game and Applied Game Designer
  • Project Leader in Digital Creation and Production (Producer)
  • Games, Applied Games and Video Games Artist
  • Level Designer
  • Playtesting technician (QA)
  • Video Game Sound Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Game Designer
  • Digital Animator


Arts & Storytelling = AS IT Development = ITD Game Design = GD Management = M
Subject Speciality Minimum hours
2D and 3D audiovisual animation projects 66
Design, drawing and modelling for animation 165
Animation of 2D and 3D elements 231
Colour, lighting and 2D and 3D finishes 165
Projects for interactive games and environments 66
Carrying out interactive multimedia projects 132
Development of multi-device interactive environments and video games 231
Carrying out the editing and post-production of audiovisuals 132
Job training and guidance 99
Business and entrepreneurial initiative 66
Project for 3D animation, games and interactive environments 99
Training at work centres 383
Themed entertainment and applied games 165


Arts & Storytelling = AS IT Development = ITD Game Design = GD Management = M

A growing sector

The digital industry, and specifically the Video Game industry, is growing around the world. In fact, it’s the new technology sector with the most solid and sustained growth. 7.2% business growth is estimated from 2011 to 2016, with an increase from €58,700 M to € 83,000 M1 

The study carried out by ICEC2 in 2010 tells us that Catalan companies account for 36% of the State’s total production. Catalan companies mainly opt for the design of Casual Games (130 titles in 2010, 40% for mobile phones and 30% for online platforms). The video game industry in Spain is the leader in sales compared with other industries such as music, cinema and DVD, and it occupies a prominent place in the global digital content sector.

The number of workers in the Video Game sector has doubled year after year since 2009 until today. Addeco, the consultancy firm specialising in the workplace, quantifies the needs of the global digital content industry for 2011-16 at one million jobs.

Furthermore, the increase in the creation and downloading of mobile applications has exceeded the most optimistic forecasts in recent years, as indicated by the reports on the situation provided at the Mobile World CongressBarcelona is establishing itself as a Video Game and Mobile Application cluster, not only because it hosts the MWC, but also because it has large and small businesses; a list of some of the most important companies based in Barcelona and its area are listed below:

FX Interactive, A Crowd of Monsters, Abylight, Akamon, Beautifun, Blinzy, Down to Moon, Gameloft, Unkasoft, Kotoc, Novarama, Virtual Toys, Bloom 3D, Tecnalia, BrainSins, HiSocial, Punto Extra, Devilish Games, Mercury Steam, Cookie Box, GamyGame, Gamedonia, Jugo, TwenTIC, Kilima, Factoria d’Imatges, Ubisoft, King, Social Point, Digital Legends Entertainment, Over the Top Games, Omnidrone, Kerad Games, Gestionet, Undercoders, Pyro Studios, Blit Software, Bitoon, Star-T, MediaFlow, PortAventura.

While the conditions for the growth of the Video Game sector are ideal for finding a job near home, we shouldn’t forget that in a global world such as the one we live there are many opportunities to work for the big American, European and Asian companies which are gaining prominence.

Within the above context, ENTI’s training and experience provides several great career opportunities, given that they’re multiple and they are ever-increasing. ENTI ensures that it is in constant contact with companies so as to adapt to their needs and provide them with the professionals they require.

1 PWC: Report Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, 2011-2015. Price Waterhouse and Coopers. Executive Summary. Plana 40.

2 ICEC: Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies) (Catalan Government)

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