General Information

Video game programming and digital leisure

The growth of the video game and applied game industry in Catalonia, especially in Barcelona, means a great demand for professionals, particularly programmers (developers). Nowadays there are many regulated and non-regulated programming studies, but most of them are not specialised in applied games (serious games) as they are at ENTI-UB.

Our daily contact with the digital interactivity industry enables us to offer you an Advanced Vocational Training course (CFGS) that contains basic education in programming in low-level languages (C++ and Java) and high-level languages (engines such as Unity and Unreal and others, depending on the moment in time and the market) for both 2D and 3D developments, based on the optimal use of hardware for computers, consoles and mobile devices.

You’ll learn to program 2D and 3D video games and applied games with all kinds of languages and engines. Constantly geared towards enabling you to work in the video game and applied game industry. Of course, ENTI-UB has agreements with the main studios and companies within the sector so as to offer work placements during the second year. But we don’t stop there, as ENTI-UB will enable you to acquire entrepreneurship skills and tools.

At ENTI-UB the most important goal is the practical implementation, as you’ll learn to think, produce and sell your own video game or applied game. Our methodology is based on learning by doing. This is why we prioritise the PROJECT and the work placements and we regard the hackathons and Jams as first-class educational methodology.

Career Opportunities

  • Mobile Device Application Development Technician
  • Video Game Development Technician
  • Applied Game Development Technician
  • Playtesting Technician (QA)


Advanced Vocational Training Modules

  • Computer systems 167 hours
  • Databases 138 hours
  • Programming 230 hours
  • Brand Language and Information Management Systems 91 hours
  • Development Environments 60 hours
  • Data Access 80 hours
  • Interface Development 94 hours
  • Programming of Multimedia and Mobile Devices 99 hours
  • Programming of Services and Processes 87 hours
  • Business Management Systems 55 hours
  • Game Design 31 hours
  • 2D and 3D Design 99 hours
  • 2D and 3D Video Game Programming 188 hours
  • Job Training and Guidance 99 hours
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Initiative 66 hours
  • Cross-Platform Application Development Project 99 hours
  • Training at Work Centres 317 hours