Would you like to create striking and innovative video games? Now you have it easier than ever with the Advanced Level Vocational Training Course in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments (Artist Course) from the School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB), the Video Games University, training that is up-to-date with the innovation in the sector, specialising in themed entertainment and applied games.

In the Artist Course from ENTI-UB you will learn to generate 2D and 3D animations, to program in high level languages and conceptualise projects from the first sketch for digital video game, applied game and themed productions in the context of interactive multimedia products. In addition, thanks to the application of the practical learning method known as learning by doing, from the first course you will create real projects applied to fields as diverse as: entertainment and shows, museum studies, education, medicine, sport, marketing, etc. You will be responsible for managing all the phases of your project and you will be distributed into groups, working and adopting the same roles as you would in the video game industry. In addition, you will be supervised and advised by ENTI-UB’s expert teaching staff at all times.

Moreover, it should be noted that the Artist Course is the only one with an exclusive themed entertainment and applied games module. This is a growing field that will offer a wide range of employment opportunities, then once you have completed these studies, you can create new Serious Games applied to sectors such as medicine, education, marketing, etc., and also apply your knowledge in theming to the attractions and content in museums and theme parks.

Become the innovative artist that companies in the sector are looking for with the Artist Course from ENTI-UB, the Video Games University.