• Designer for Mobile Devices
  • Website Designer
  • Video Game and Applied Games Designer
  • Games, Applied Games and Video Games Artist
  • Levels Designer
  • Playtesting technician (QA)
  • Designer of Sound in Video Games
  • Entrepreneur

A growing sector

  • The Gaming sector has a very high profile in Europe. France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain are the four consuming regions par excellence, with 180 million active players and a turnover in excess of 8,000 million €. Over 400 active companies in Spain. A quarter of these in Catalonia. And a public sector that actively aids the consolidation of this industry with explicit grants which 33% of existing businesses have enjoyed.
  • Barcelona hosts specific video game entrepreneurship competitions like “Startup Weekend Gaming Barcelona”. In the city we already have an incubator/accelerator specifically for groups who want to consolidate business based on a video game product (“GameBCN” area). In 2015, the prestigious event MWC (Mobile World Congress “) hosted a specific event devoted to Video Games and Mobility (“Gamelab Mobile”). The turnover for Spain’s video games industry will grow to 1,000 million € in 2018. And the number of employees in the sector increased by 28% over the last year, now standing at over 3,000.