ENTI-UB (School of New Interactive Technologies), the University specialized in video game, is going to start the Degree in Digital Creation and Production (Artist) the coming academic year 2016-2017. It is addressed at designers and artists. You will learn to conceptualize art and to design games, video games, applied games (Serious Games) and other interactive applications for mobile platforms.

Unlike the Degree in Interactive Digital Contents (Developer), which is focused on different languages and mathematical and algebraic concepts, this new Degree in Digital Creation and Production (Artist) offers a more artistic approach. Being a student, you will learn 2D and 3D modelling and you will master the characters, landscapes and music creation process. Subjects such as  3D animation and modelling, Digital Art or game elements Design will provide you with the relevant knowledge to develop your artistic abilities while designing games and memorable experiences. To sum up, you will become an Artist-Game Designer with some knowledge on producing.

Moreover, at ENTI-UB, you will learn to work in a team while using the tools to create art for games and so discover your role in the video game industry. And always being the creation of your project and your role as a potential entrepreneur our priority, from the very beginning. And all the above-mentioned while being progressively introduced to the English language to be able to access the European and international market.

Another advantage of this Degree is its teaching staff. All the Professors at ENTI-UB are linked to the video game and Serious Game industry, which implies a permanent update of the contents and technological tools.

Therefore, with this Degree in Digital Creation and Production, ENTI-UB broadens its educational offer, adding two Degrees and Vocational Training specialized in video games, Serious Games and themed entertainment. We can now definitely state that ENTI-UB is the University for video game.

Develop your artistic talent with the Degree in Digital Creation and Production at ENTI-UB. Come and learn more about it the coming 20th February, our Open Day.