Would you like to conceptualise the art and design of games, videogames, applied games and all kinds of interactive applications, and also for mobile platforms? At ENTI-UB, the Videogames University, you have the option to learn these and many other aspects, by studying the Degree in Artistic Creation for Video Games and Applied Games (Artist Degree), the first aimed at digital artists in Catalonia.

From the very first year, you will work with the analogue and digital aspects of art and apply it to video games, to applied games and to all kinds of interactive applications, including mobile ones. In addition, you will work on all the analogue and digital platforms, combining the artistic field with the design of games and memorable experiences at all times.

The main objective of this course is the comprehensive training of future digital artists and designers. For this reason, you will study these course subjects in Art (Image and Graphics, Film and Transmedia, Digital Set Design, Conceptual Drawing, Synthetic space lighting, etc.) as well as in Creativity (Games design, Experience of use, Games Workshop, Advanced Mechanics of Game-play, Use Interfaces, etc.). This training allows you to design highly applicable multidisciplinary video game, both in the entertainment arena as well as in other fields: sport, medicine, physiotherapy, education or marketing, linking it all with its real application at all times.

In addition, this Degree implements learning by doing, i.e. you will learn by practising on real projects. Therefore, from the outset you will create your prototypes and work in teams, using agile management methodologies, exploring your role in the video game industry and becoming an entrepreneur from the very start. It should also be said that English is gradually introduced into the course subjects in order to aid your inclusion in the global market.

Lastly, we should also stress that you will have the opportunity to learn the latest trends in the video game industry in the hands of an excellent teaching staff with professional links to the sector; a fact which guarantees the permanent updating of the content and of the tools required for a perfect artistic creation, as well as better job prospects once you complete this degree.

Successfully prepare your professional future in digital art; study the  Artist Degree at ENTI-UB, the Video Games University.