Video game developers: the profile most in demand within the industry

Infojobs, the portal specialising in job offers, has conducted a study on the working conditions in the video game sector. It provides a high number of permanent contracts and above average salaries. In addition, it has been confirmed once again that the profile most in demand in the industry is that of video game developers.

It’s a profile that requires highly specialised training in both programming and the use of graphic engines. As a result, these positions have accounted for 28% of the total number of vacancies advertised over the last five years. Companies are mainly seeking developers in C++, Flash, PHP, Python, .net and Java languages, as well as software engineers and UI/UX designers.

Another noteworthy characteristic of this professional profile is the high salary, with an average gross annual salary of 33,000 euros, well above the average figure for Spain, which stands at 23,000 euros.

The study also confirms that Barcelona is the driving force of the industry in Spain. Most vacancies are based in the Catalan capital.

With the Degree in Interactive Digital Content you’ll receive training designed for future video game developers. ENTI-UB is the first and only university in Barcelona completely specialised in video games. All the professors work in the industry, which means that the student receives first-hand knowledge of the reality of the sector and the most popular technologies and programming languages, besides highly important professional connections for the future.

In addition, by following the learning by doing methodology and committing to their projects, the students receive training geared towards insertion into the labour market and obtain knowledge of production and business management.