U. College of New Technologies S.L. (Hereinafter, ENTI, or the company), believes that behavior in the workplace defines both people and the company, and that is why it expects the behavior of the organization and the people linked to it , not only respect current legislation and corporate governance, but also respond to generally accepted ethical and social responsibility principles.

Commitment and principles

This code of ethics includes ENTI’s commitment to the principles of compliance, ethics and business transparency in all areas of action, establishing a set of principles and conduct guidelines aimed at guaranteeing the fair and responsible behavior of all employees of the company regardless of its hierarchical position, and geographical or functional location.

You can download the latest version of the Ethical Code document at this link

The Ethical Channel

The Ethical Channel aims to promote compliance with the law and the rules of conduct established in the Code of Ethics and in the internal regulations of the Compliance Committee.

The creation of the Ethical Channel is understood without prejudice to any other mechanism or channel established in accordance with the corporate governance system.

The Ethical Channel is a transparent channel for communicating, by workers or interested third parties, behaviors that may involve the commission of an irregularity or an act contrary to the law or the rules, or to consult doubts that may arise about their interpretation.

ENTI undertakes to treat at all times the personal data received through the Ethical Channel in an absolutely confidential manner and in accordance with the intended purposes.

To direct your questions, doubts, complaints of misconduct, discrimination, harassment, or other issues to the Ethical Channel, you can send an email to:

This email is controlled by our Compliance Officer and complaints are handled anonymously.