Power UP

ENTI-UB and EUSES students participate in the first joint “Serious Games for Heath & Sport” GameJam.

5 interesting projects to improve the recovery of patients who have had operations, as a result of the partnership between ENTI-UB and EUSES in this GameJam.

The first joint GameJam between students of the EUSES School of Health and Sport, and ENTI-UB, the school of new interactive technologies, began in the style of the traditional GameJams, with the creation of heterogeneous teams, the setting of a challenge and the countdown began.

The theme of the GameJam was to find solutions to improve the adhesion of ligament-operated patients in their recovery treatment. Making the recovery fun encourages the patients to follow it for longer, improving their recovery time and well-being.

Working in teams made up of students from the two schools, the EUSES students provided the medical knowledge of the injury and the patients’ recovery needs while the ENTI-UB students provided the know-how of game design and the creation of applied games.

As pointed out by ENTI’s academic director (responsible for managing the GameJam), there was no time to “create” any games; the project prototype and scheme of operation didn’t need to be planned, and the participants had to bear in mind that GAME doesn’t always mean VIDEO GAME. In ideal conditions for the teams, real patients should also have been included to provide their vision of the situation and explain what motivates them. Not taking this into account happens more often than you might think. The data leaves no doubts: out of 7,500 available health apps, only 54 are used, in many cases due to the poor design of the application.

To make an interesting applied game, four steps must be followed:

1- Learn something about the situation.
2- Train yourself in one thing and repeat it to keep getting better at it.
3- Apply what you’ve learnt by playing.
4- Share what you’ve achieved, and receive a reward.

The games proposed by the various participating groups included mobile applications, some in the form of a reminder for exercises and some in the form of an interactive story, but the most important aspects were the bridges established and the communication between the students and people from various study circles; this is the path encouraged by ENTI-UB to enable students to work and collaborate to resolve problems in all kinds of inter-disciplinary teams.