Power UP

What is a GameJam?

GameJams form part of ENTI-UB’s pedagogical DNA.

One of ENTI-UB’s educational philosophies is learning by doing. This is why our students work on projects from the very first day with the same objectives, tools and priorities as those they will need in their professional lives.

One of the tools we have at our disposal are the GAMEJAMs.

A GAMEJAM is a session during which we improvise; it’s a challenge that tests our students’ work capacity, collaboration, understanding of the challenge to design a solution.

At ENTI-UB GameJams usually have a collaborative component with other entities in order to train multi-disciplinary teams and heterogeneous challenges. For example, we have GameJams with the hotel, tourist and health sectors, which make the students work towards a common goal (and a deadline) with people from other fields and with different experiences, greatly enriching the students’ ability to meet the challenges they’ll face outside the school.