Power UP

You can learn to make video games during the holidays!

At the ENTI-UB Summer School students will create one level of their own video game in just one month. To do so, they’ll receive basic training on:

-Video game development.

-The artwork required to make a video game.

-Game design.

As well as these three fundamental aspects, the teachers from the video game University will guide the students through a very necessary element: managing their time so as take the project forward.

With these four key aspects (developer + artist + game design + time management) students will be able to make a prototype, an embryo: one level of their own video game idea. In just one month.

  • – Game design and time planning are studied on Mondays.
  • – Tuesdays to Fridays: 2 hours of programming and 2 hours of art

We’ll work with programs and tools such as Unity, photoshop and design tablets

The last day of the course: final presentation of the projects.


1 to 31 July


9:30 am to 2:00 pm.



C/ Diputació 231 08007 Barcelona


From 14 years of age



Enrolments at: