Would you like to learn how to design your own video games and interactive multimedia audiovisual products? At ENTI-UB, the Video Games University you can study the Advanced Level Vocational Training Course in 3D Animations, Games and Interactive Environments (Artist Vocational Training Course), a course aimed at artists and lovers of digital art and design, specialising in themed entertainment and Serious Games.

During this course, you will learn to model and generate 2D and 3D animations, using dedicated programming languages, to create artistic pieces of sound and image and conceptualise projects from the first sketch for digital video game, applied game and themed productions in the context of interactive multimedia products. You will make it possible to develop real projects and their narrative, and generate real-time interactions in a variety of fields.

In addition to creating and designing video games for various mobile platforms; during the ENTI-UB Artist course you will also have the opportunity to learn about Serious Games, i.e. applied games that are fun to play while at the same time teaching us skills or helping us solve challenges, applying gamification in sectors as diverse as: medicine, physiotherapy, learning or creating simulators, among many others. In fact the end of course project for this Vocational Training Course will involve creating two games: one individual and the other collective, as well as an animated short.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to train with the ENTI-UB’s expert teaching staff, made up of professionals in the field of 3D animation, video games, artistic design and theming; most of whom run their own video game companies or studios. This ensures a constant updating of the content and methodologies, as well as permanent contact with the innovation in the sector, thereby adapting to the requirements of the market.

Create new and attractive video games and applied games with the Artist Vocational Training Course from ENTI-UB, the Video Games University. Enrol now!