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ENTI-UB’s grant programme for university degrees in the field of video games

With the aim of facilitating access to quality education, at ENTI-UB we have a grant plan for university degrees in the field of video games: Interactive Digital Content (Developer) and Artistic Creation of Video Games and Serious Games (Artist). This grant plan, created in 2020 during the first COVID-19 lockdown, was designed to help families with economic needs in very special situations gain access to the college, and it has been expanded each year. It is a grant programme in which, if it is granted for the first year, it can be maintained in force throughout the student’s training.

Interested parties must submit their candidacy for grant and all the documentation requested to apply for it before 10:00 a.m on 1 July. (depending on the official university pre-enrolment calendar).

Grant ENTI Excellence

Grant ENTI Solidarity

Grant ENTI Community

Grant ENTI Mobility

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If you are interested, write to us at: and we will inform you about the application procedure.

the documents with the rules

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