At ENTI (UB) you learn by doing. We use an experiential model in which we do not distinguish between theory and practice, because they are intertwined from the very start. Our students work on “reality” thanks to specific projects designed by our faculty, who are in constant touch with our outside partners in the industry. Students are divided into balanced groups where they will take on the same roles as in the videogame industry. All the classes, from the Games Workshop to the Thesis Project every year, as well as the rigorous classes on the History of Videogames, use this efficient methodology which has an extraordinarily high degree of transfer to the real world. At ENTI (UB) prototypes are created from day one.

The satisfaction surveys filled out by our students mention the approachability of our professors and instructors. At ENTI (UB), we keep track of each student in a personalised way and always help them with their personal programme. We encourage them to pursue the aspects where they excel by vocation, while we reinforce everything that needs improvement.

We are not satisfied to just offer a degree programme: we aspire to create professionals who easily fit into the sector. For this reason, we keep adding more classes in English. Plus, there is a clear focus on entrepreneurship and we encourage powerful international connections. There is a great deal of opportunity if we consider that our field essentially spans the entire planet.