Game-based learning is a methodological reality that has the support of many sources and prestigious specialists.  In the last 60 years thousands of Serious Games have been developed with the aim of training competences as well as being a source of entertainment. We play because we want to. And while we are playing, we learn.

JamToday network has 25 prestigious international partners from different European cities, amongst which ENTI from Barcelona.  For 3 years, we will have a close look at Jam format, understanding it as 48h of uninterrupted development in working teams who reach clear and specific goals. This is due to their way of working, which reproduces the roles in the industry.

The youth calls for challenges and due to these challenges they develop really strong solutions with very little resources.  Due to the exact and necessary deal of motivation. The culture of effort via motivators and game elements.  JamToday will explore the Jam as a game-based  methodology of learning to explore the educational possibilities in the fields of digital competence, healthy habits and the learning of Mathematics.