• Developer of Applications for Mobile Devices (Developer)
  • Website developer (Developer)
  • Cross-Media Developer (Interactive Installation) (Developer)
  • Video Game Developer (Developer)
  • Applied Games Developer (Developer)
  • Project Leader in Interactive Digital Content (Producer)
  • Level designer
  • Specialist in virtual reality simulation (developer)
  • Entrepreneur
  • Games Designer

A growing sector

The digital industry – and specifically the video game industry – is experiencing growth all over the world. In fact it is the sector with one of the most sound and sustained growth rates in new technologies. From 2011 to 2016 there has been an estimated growth in the business of 7.2%, specifically going from 58,700 million € to 83,000 million € 1

The study carried out by the ICEC2 on 2010 data tells us that Catalan companies account for 36% of Spain’s total production. Companies in Catalonia mostly tend towards designing Casual Games, with 130 titles in 2010, 40% for mobiles and 30% for online platforms. The video game industry in Spain is the leader in terms of sales compared to other industries such as music, film and DVD, and occupies a prominent place in the digital content sector on a global scale.

The growth in the number of employees in the video game sector from 2009 until today has been doubling year after year. Consultora Addeco, a consultancy firm specialising in the employment sphere, estimates that the needs of the global digital content industry for the period 2011-16 will create a demand for 1 million jobs.

Moreover, the growth in the creation and downloading of mobile apps has surpassed all the most optimistic forecasts made in recent years, as the conjuncture reports of the Mobile World Congress itself indicate. Barcelona is consolidating itself as a video games and mobile apps cluster, not only for being the base of the MWC but because it has large and small businesses. An example of some of the most important companies based in Barcelona and its area are:

FX Interactive, A Crowd of Monsters, Abylight, Akamon, Beautifun, Blinzy, Down to moon, Gameloft, Unkasoft, Kotoc, Novarama, Virtual Toys, Bloom 3D, Tecnalia, BrainSins, HiSocial, Punto Extra, Devilish Games, Mercury Steam, Cookie Box, GamyGame, Gamedonia, Jugo, TwenTIC, Kilima, Factoria d’Imatges, Ubi Soft, King, Social Point, Digital Legends Entertainment, Over the top games, Omnidrone, Kerad Games, Gestionet, Undercoders, Pyro Studios, Blit Software, Bitoon, Star-T, MediaFlow, PortAventura.

While the growth conditions of the video game industry are optimal for finding work near to home, we must not forget that in the global world we live in there are many possibilities for working for the big American, European and Asian companies that are coming rapidly to the forefront.

In this context, the training and the experience of ENTI offers great possibilities in various career opportunities because these are multiple and are growing over time. ENTI makes a point of being in permanent contact with the companies to adapt to their needs and provide the professionals they require.


1 PWC: Report on Global Entertainment and  Media Outlook, 2011-2015. Price Waterhouse and Coopers. Executive Summary. Page 40.

2 ICEC: Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (Government of Catalonia)

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