ENTI-UB (School of New Interactive Technologies) is the only university that offers you the possibility to study with the best teaching team. Our Professors are specialized in video games, applied games—such as the Serious Games—and themed entertainment. Moreover, most of our Professors either run a video game company or work in a big company in this field. This enables a constant update of the contents and a connection with the innovation in this sector. So a better access to the labour market is guaranteed to the students at ENTI-UB.

It must be noted that, being a student, you will be part of the ENTI-UB community. This means being constantly in touch with Professors and professionals in this sector. You will have the opportunity to attend congresses and events and to participate in the European programmes on video games and Serious Games—such as Jam Today or Dutch Game Garden—in which ENTI-UB takes part. You will also be able to participate in international exchanges with the best European and American universities, being in touch with the Professors every day.

Within the ENTI-UB teaching team, some distinguished professionals in this sector must be highlighted, such as: Òscar Garcia Pañella, Academic Director at ENTI-UB and Doctor. More precisely, his Thesis was on the application of techniques for Image and Virtual Reality Processing in Medicine, specifically in cardiac imaging (SPECT modality). He is an expert in topics such as Entertainment Technologies, Serious Games, Gamification and Creativity. Richard Hebert, Academic Coordinator and Engineer, specialized in Multimedia, Interactives, BCI, Wearables, Gamification, Museology and Neuromarketing.

Oriol Ripoll must also be mentioned. He is a creative for Jocs al Segon and a usual collaborator for La Vanguardia (a Spanish newspaper) and Via Lliure, RAC1 (a radio programme). Also David Xicota, CEO for Gamedonia; Héctor Fuster, a psycologist specialized in disorders related to new technologies and author of the book Nuestros hijos y sus videojuegos [In English, “Our Children and Their Video Games”]; Carlos Coronado, designer of the awarded video game: ‘Mind: Path to Thalamus’; Samuel Molina, Fukuy, a well-known youtuber and video game designer; Albert Garcia, journalist for La Vanguardia and Ferran González, Art and Animation Professor.

Therefore, at ENTI-UB, you will learn how to create, design, develop and monetize games, video games, applied games and all kinds of interactive applications, with the best Professors. You will certainly learn how to work on all of the analogical and digital platforms. You will combine the technological field with an approach to game design and memorable experiences. You will learn programming but at the same time you will be provided with knowledge on game design and abilities in project managing and integrating artistic elements. For this reason, all the courses are applied to the video game design.

To sum up, you will become a Developer or a Game Designer with some knowledge on producing. Choose the best course with the best experts; study the Degree in Interactive Digital Contents at ENTI-UB, the university for video game development.