Duration: 1 academic year
Credits: 60 ECTS

The official qualification of Master’s Degree in Digital Content Production and Entrepreneurship is attached to the branch of Social and Legal Sciences. In terms of subjects, the curriculum presents a structure organised into one academic year, with 60 ECTS distributed over two semesters.

This is a master’s degree which focuses on the profile of the PRODUCER in the digital industry; i.e. the study and practice of different models and parts of the business, ranging from managing projects and legal issues such as intellectual property to the monetisation of the product by means of digital marketing. Thus far we could compare it to many master’s degrees that already exist in the closest academic courses we offer. However, the ENTI-UB Master’s Degree in DIGITAL CONTENT PRODUCTION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP goes further, since it incorporates new areas that will improve the creative and executive capacity of the PRODUCER, such as Digital Technologies, Gamification, Advanced Usability or TransMedia Narrative.

The addition of management skills with new languages and technologies makes it a unique master’s degree. It is no coincidence that this master’s degree is organised at ENTI-UB. With two degree courses specialising in training developers and artists, both with a sound game designer base, our centre provides the conditions for a creative ecosystem for interrelating the different roles of the video game and digital industry in general, for co-working and for establishing networks of complicity for your projects.

The structure of the Master’s Degree is made up of subjects referring to: Technology of Innovation; Art, Visual design and creativity; Business Strategy and Management; Innovation and New Trends in Digital Content Production and Entrepreneurship, Tools for Digital Content Production and Entrepreneurship, in addition to the end of course project. This schedule guarantees the proper acquisition of the skills of the qualification, which focuses on the field of the Digital Economy.

This course will be taught in the ENTI PRO special entrepreneurship area.