Master of Science & Technology in Football

From in-depth knowledge of football, the members of this Master’s degree will conduct research (by using Technological tools) to apply new knowledge to training improvements, in the value systems of their team and of their rivals.

Master in Immersive Media (VR & AR)

The master in immersive media is designed to answer the large increase in virtual and augmented reality opportunities for both production and research purposes. The master’s program combines theoretical and practical training and addresses all aspects involved in the creation of immersive content.

Master’s Degree in Music & Sound for Entertainment Experiences

The ENTI-UB Master’s Degree in Music & Sound for Entertainment Experiences seeks to be a point of reference in a changing and demanding world. On the one hand, it addresses the industry related to the moving image while, on the other, it covers fields such as video games, apps, serious games, newsgames, gamification, simulators, music at theme parks, the application of music at shows, live performances, staging devices and music and sound in virtual reality.