Òscar García Pañella at the MWC 2019: “Gamifying the Mobile Experience”

Gamification is a concept that is making ever-increasing ground in education, industry, HR, tourism and health. Recognition of the great power of “making what we don’t like very much fun” can be seen when a panel discussion is devoted to gamification at the world’s largest mobile technology event.

The speakers (and one of the exponents of gamification) included our academic director Òscar García Pañella, who has flown the flag for gamification and the concept of Serious Games at Cookie Box for many years.

First of all, Steve Webbs from Facebook and Angel Ceeman from Outfit7 discussed how gamification can be applied not only to advertising but also to many other kinds of business, and they talked about a Global Gamification Market, giving three keys to how it works:

1- Competition: because people like to measure themselves against others to see who does better

2- Creating a memorable experience that invites people to come back and talk about it

3- Sharing: the need to create engagement on social media and disseminate the initiative / brand

They also mentioned the difficulty involved in convincing many of the sectors to use gamification mechanics, as many people who play games don’t regard themselves as gamers and have the wrong idea of what it means to gamify.

Òscar, together with Kaan Terzioglu from Turkcell and Meg Bear from Juvo, then explained specific cases, such as an Artificial Intelligence that awarded points in the moment at a sales pitch to the public every time the salesperson achieved one of the aims. The case explained by Òscar is perhaps one of the most representative among the range of objectives to which gamification can be applied: making it easier for railway professionals to learn a train driving manual. The target audience was rather reluctant but hugely appreciated the fact that it wasn’t a game but rather the design of an experience focused on their work.