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Cursed Soul

Use your skills to view the world of spectra to resolve a mysterious murder.

Jhonny Ricochet

A 2D side-scrolling shooter that uses the mouse to aim and shoot, with a very focused narrative.


Senseless is a psychological 3D horror game in the first person during which the main plot of the game involves closing your eyes so as to sharpen your hearing.

Mail Mole

MailMole is a 3D platform game during which you play the role of Molty, the mail mole, who has to deliver a package at the end of each level.


Discover the powers of transcendental language and use them to your benefit by using your own voice.


“DreamBall” is an unconventional sport’s game with fun figures focused on a party game.

A Tale of Paper

You play like Paperboy, an origami figure that mysteriously comes alive and now has to undertake a journey to fulfill the dream of your creator.

Demon Blade

It is a video game of action-free action for mobile devices with a unique wave-fighting system.


Insomnis is a game of psychological terror that will entertain you. Available for Steam.


It is a hardcore platform game with simple mechanics but with a high difficulty.