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Subject area business

Training in business and new technologies

Technology and innovation for business

ENTI-UB was founded to contribute to the growth and consolidation of new technologies and to consolidate itself as a reference cluster in the sector. That’s why it is constantly evolving to adapt to training requirements in the field of new technologies needed by the business and industrial sector.


Choose which business studies interests you most and come and study at ENTI-UB!

Master’s Degree in CMO, Transmedia & Digital Management

Postgraduate Course in Corporate and Institutional E-leadership & Digital Management

Postgraduate Course in CMO and Transmedia

Master’s Degree in Virtual Assets & Blockchain

Why choose to study
business and new technologies at ENTI-UB?

Renowned teaching staff

We have teachers who work in the industry allowing them to bring their “know-how” to the students.

Technology and innovation

We seek to train students in innovative technologies where their domain and application will represent a significant change in personal and business performance.

Personalised attention

We monitor of our students’ performance closely providing tutoring and mentoring sessions throughout the course.

Constantly evolving

We constantly update our subjects in order to follow the latest trends closely, in a volatile field such as new technologies.

Professional growth

We design training courses that allow direct practical application in the student’s professional profile making them become a valuable asset in their company.

Students’ projects

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Collaborating companies

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