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Postgraduate Course
Corporate and Institutional E-leadership & Digital Management

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The world is advancing at a very fast speed, and in addition we are living a VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) which has taught us to understand life and work from another perspective, creating new, more digital working habits (remote working), online meetings, digital training…

Personal and professional development has always been an added value, and in this changing world it is becoming increasingly more necessary to be professionally prepared for the new challenges we have to face in the near future.

For some years now, the Internet and social networks are not only a means of communication, but of learning, of work, of entertainment… knowing the different types of media, how they can be used, maximising resources and possibilities offered to us is necessary for any corporate and institutional professional.

Are you ready to bring value to the network?

The Postgraduate Course in Corporate and Institutional E-Leadership & Digital Management will train you as Digital Manager so that you can define the strategy, create content, analyse data, choose the appropriate media (social networks, blogs, digital media, SEO and SEM) to position a brand or a digital leader in the appropriate place on the Internet and social networks, having an impact on new audiences, creating a personal 4.0. brand.

Abilities acquired

Knowledge area



5 months
Course start date: 7 October 2022.
Course end date: 11 March 2023.



Course type and timetable

Semi-distance learning or 100% online.
Fridays, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Saturdays, from 10:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.

Language of the classes




Other data

This postgraduate course is part of the master’s degree:
CMO Transmedia and Digital Management (2022-2023)

Why study this Postgraduate Course in E-leadership & Digital Management?

Because this postgraduate course is designed to train leaders or companies of the future and professionals with all the digital knowledge necessary to work autonomously or develop their own project or personal brand and the know-how to make the most of all the resources made available through digital communication tools, ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative ones, based on social interaction, knowledge of algorithms, positioning and the relationship with follower databases.

The postgraduate course is especially intended for:

Why do it at ENTI-UB?

Because we propose 2 formats designed to fit in with your availability to attend the course, one semi-distance learning (with some classes in the ENTI-UB classrooms and monitoring of the online activities) and a 100% online course that does not require you to travel.

Because at ENTI-UB we offer you a postgraduate course with an innovative methodology based on:

  • classes 3 weeks a month.
  • in-person or online live classes on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • 1 week per month a live webinar with digital leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, digital managers, experts, CMO and company managers, managers of renowned institutions in the digital and business ecosystem who will share their knowledge and experiences online.
  • In total 14 live webinars and debates on the cases presented in them.
  • 2 individual case studies
  • Offline opportunities to visit various institutions in Madrid and Barcelona

Career opportunities

How to access the postgraduate course

To enrol in the postgraduate course, you must carry out the following steps:

Complete the information form to contact the director of the course and arrange a preliminary interview.

Once the interview has been conducted and it is decided that you will continue with the enrolment, send us an e-mail requesting the formalisation of the enrolment containing the following data:

  • Name and surnames
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Current profession
  • Prior studies
  • Digital knowledge: whether you have a blog, social networks and experience in the digital world.
  • Phone number
  • Your preferred study method: Semi-distance learning or 100% online
  • Tell us about your experience in the digital world in 3 lines.
  • What would you like to achieve by doing this postgraduate course?

Send your e-mail to:

Access for non-graduates:
This course has the possibility of admitting students who are not university graduates and who will obtain a university extension certificate. The requirements and access conditions established for this type of student must be consulted with those managing the course.


The postgraduate course is structured into several classes that can be followed at the ENTI-UB classrooms (semi-distance learning mode) or online live (in the 100% online mode), and a series of webinars and masterclasses online.

To be highlighted are:

Ministry of Public Administrations, State Secretariat of Communication (Moncloa), Congress of Deputies and Senate.

Consorci Zona Franca, Parliament of Catalonia and the Government of Catalonia.


Module 1. Strategy, Digital Management & Personal Branding

1. Digital Diagnostics

2. Digital Reputation of a Brand

3. Digital Communication Plan

4. Digital Management

5. Personal Branding 5.0

6. Engagement and how to make the most of Networks

Module 2. Storytelling

7. Storytelling

8. Transmedia Narrative

9. Content Strategy

10. Content Creativity

Module 3. Media Lab

11. Introduction to the Media Lab

12. Live Social Media and Marketing with Influencers

13. Social Media

14. Google Ads Campaigns

15. SEO Positioning

16. Mobile Marketing and SMS and WhatsApp Campaigns

17. Digital Media and e-News

Module 4. Big Data

18. Databases and Big Data

19. Business Intelligence

20. Monitorisation, KPIs


Autonomous President’s Digital Communication

Digital Management how to gain Brand Lovers: Telepizza


How to be an Influencer

Political and Institutional Digital Management

Engagement and how to make the most of Networks
• Leadership and the Media

Digital Supertalent

Conscientious Digital Leadership


Mobile Marketing

International Digital Marketing

Alcalde 4.0


Community and Female Networks

Online Training

Leadership & Talent

Effective Presentations

The B Side of Digital Leadership

Tik Tok Leaders

Collaborating companies

Teaching staff


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