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ENTI Cyber
Subject area cyber security

Training in cyber security

A sector in constant growth and with the need of qualified professionals

With the purpose of training professionals who can meet the future demand of qualified personnel in digital security, ENTI, together with KPMG as its main technological partner, launches the subject area of cyber security, with an educational proposal based on a comprehensive vision of the administration of networks and, at the same time, cyber security. This two-edged course will enable students to quickly incorporate themselves into both ICT companies as well as companies with their own ICT department.

ENTI has a long history in the training of programmers and developers of the video game and digital leisure sector, both in university degrees and in advanced vocational qualifications, which makes the centre a solid academic provider, with experience in new technologies and training excellence when it comes to training future professionals in the field of network administration and cyber security.

Study cyber security at ENTI and ensure your future employment!

Vocational Qualification in Network Computer Systems Administration – Profile Cyber Security Professional

Why choose to study
cyber security at ENTI-UB?

Official qualifications

We offer a regulated and official advanced vocational qualification at the state level and a specialisation course with ENTI’s guarantee.

Renowned teaching staff

We have teachers who work in the cyber security industry allowing them to bring their “know-how” to the students.

Leading companies

We have work placement agreements with leading ICT companies such as KPMG, Parlem Telecom, Aktios, Seidor, etc.

Technology and innovation

We have the most advanced equipment for the studies as well as access to online services from various cyber security companies.

Personalised attention

We monitor of our students’ performance closely providing tutoring and mentoring sessions throughout the course.

Triple qualification

We are part of Cisco Academy and Palo Alto Cybersecurity Academy. Students can access these academies to take the exams for their internationally approved certifications.

Students’ projects

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Collaborating companies

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