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Subject area education

Training in education and new technologies

Technology at the service of training and education

In ENTI-UB’s subject area of education all the studies which provide the tools needed to develop an educational transformation experience through games and technology are grouped together.

The centre has a long trajectory in game design training in the degrees in video games, which can also be applied in the field of Serious Games, where game design and gamification are at the service of transformative experiences. Therefore, there is a high degree of experience within the college on how technology and design can be used in a fun way in a large number of different fields.

Study educational gamification at ENTI-UB!

Master’s Degree in Games, Gamification and Technology in Education

Why choose to study
educational gamification at ENTI-UB?

Renowned teaching staff

We have teachers who work in the educational sector allowing them to bring their own “know-how” in the field of games and technology to the classrooms and the students.

Personalised attention

We monitor of our students’ performance closely providing tutoring and mentoring sessions throughout the course.

Classic and innovating

We make the broad experience in game design available to students, ranging from more traditional tools such as the latest advances in digital widgets and virtual worlds.

Unforgettable experiences

We focus on experience design of the game in order to make our creations unforgettable for players.

Students’ projects

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