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Subject area health

Training in health, technology and sports

Technology and Game Design for health and sport

Sports and health challenges can benefit from technological know-how and Game Design training available at ENTI-UB. With its background in new technologies, a unique look is given to medical and sports fields, and in collaboration with the EUSES – University of Girona, digital and technological knowledge is provided through the Degree in Physiotherapy and Technology provided by EUSES at the Bellvitge Campus in Barcelona.

Choose which health and technology studies interests you most and come and study at ENTI-UB

Degree in Physiotherapy and Technology

Provided by EUSES and the University of Girona and with the collaboration of ENTI-UB

University Master’s Degree in Science and Technology in Football

Official Master’s Degree

Serious Games for Health & Sport

University Master’s Degree in Science and Technology in Football

Why choose to study
physiotheray, technology, health and sport at ENTI-UB?

Learning by doing methodology

Where knowledge is applied, and real cases are worked on in the classroom.

Relationship with important research groups in the health and sport sector

With a long history of collaboration with renowned international centres such as the Harvard Medical Institute.

Technological know-how

Experts in the use of the latest digital tools such as VR systems or motion capture in health and sport.

Experts in Serious Games applied to health

Organisers of an international symposium on serious games applied to health focused on medical and health personnel.

Renowned teaching staff

We have teachers who work in the sector allowing them to bring their “know-how” to the students.

Personalised attention

We monitor of our students’ performance closely providing tutoring and mentoring sessions throughout the course.

Students’ projects

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Collaborating companies

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