ECTS credits: 240

In the Degree in Interactive Digital Content, our students will learn the whole process of creating and developing videogames with a holistic viewpoint; conceptualising, designing, producing and managing not only recreational pieces but also Serious Games, aimed at covering the Applied Games sector.

Taking into account the wide range that the market for this industry covers, and therefore directing it towards any discipline: Pure Entertainment, Architecture, Health, Sport, Education, communication, Physiotherapy, etc. Also, of course, for any existing medium and format, whether analogue or digital – PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet, console, film, video, audio, etc.

The Degree is an engineering one, but is not limited to helping to develop the potentials of the left hemisphere (rational, scientific, mathematical, logical and rigorous aspects), but also makes a firm commitment to cultivating the best of the right hemisphere (passionate, creative, entropic, innovative and emotional aspects); in such a way, that the students become involved in the whole process of development, experiencing everything from the more technical parts to the sensations that we wish the game to convey. They are not a chain of products, but rather personal creations with a global implication.

Closely linked to the video game industry

All the members of the teaching staff at ENTI-UB are linked professionally to the video game industry and to Serious Games.  This ensures that the contents of the course and the technological tools are permanently updated – leading to students gaining better job placements after finishing their studies. Not without reason do we have agreements with many studies and companies in the sector.

The aim of this degree at ENTI-UB is the comprehensive training of future games programmers (developers), artists (Artist) and producers (Producer). In addition, ENTI-UB forms a part of two international networks of excellence that are carrying out influential applied research projects in the field, namely JamToday and GameBIZ.

In the degree in Digital and Interactive Content you will learn to work as part of a team, to use agile management methodologies, and to discover your role in the video game industry, thereby creating your project and becoming an entrepreneur from the word go; all this while gradually introducing the English language into course subjects in order to improve your future incorporation into the jobs market.