The School of New Interactive Technologies (ENTI-UB) is constantly linked to the video game industry. This is fundamental because it is a very dynamic sector—like the rest of technological industries—and so programs are modified, languages evolve and the final consumer’s needs change. Therefore, being permanently in touch with this industry is a stimulus to be up to date and to adapt to the changing needs of this environment.

In this regard, ENTI-UB firmly maintains its cooperation and works together with universities, companies and institutions. That’s the reason why it has received the support from over twenty main video game companies around the world, with whom has signed collaboration agreements.

ENTI-UB is the only university school in Spain that offers the Degree in Interactive Digital Contents and the Vocational Training Programme in 3-D, Games and Interactive Environments, both specialized in video games. So now you can access quality education in Barcelona, like the one being carried out at the best universities in the world. Moreover, this school wants to contribute to the developing video game cluster in our city with the best designers and professionals. For that reason, it is worth mentioning that ENTI-UB has always shown a strong will to promote the video game cluster in Barcelona by making its contribution from the teaching sector.

Undoubtedly, this university school takes care of the education it offers in order to keep high standards of quality while enhancing the hands-on side. Due to the collaboration agreements that ENTI-UB has reached with well-known companies in this sector, students in this university have the opportunity to experience a first contact with the professional world. So ENTI-UB is partner of prestigious companies in this field, such as TEA (Themed Entertainment Association), EDL, JAM TO DAY, Blinzy, La Factoria, Zehn Games, Gamelab, Gamedonia, among others.

Join us and study at ENTI-UB, the only university school designed from and for the video game industry.