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Would you like to
visit ENTI-UB?

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Would you like to see all the spaces, classrooms and all the technology that this university centre specialising in new technologies has available for you?

What will the visit consist of?

How do we organise it?

Why visit ENTI-UB?

  1. So you can see the centre where you will study for yourself.
  2. To see our facilities directly along with the technology that we will make available to you.
  3. To resolve any queries you may have regarding the studies that you would like to take.
  4. To better understand our innovative learning by doing methodology.
  5. To discover the advantages you will have if you study at ENTI-UB.
  6. To find out about the admission process, enrolment and grants.
  7. To learn about the different career opportunities offered by our studies.
  8. To find out about the projects which we participate in and how we make it possible for you to make a living from video game sector right from the beginning

Request a personalised visit

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