We have adapted the Vocational Training Programme in 3-D, Games and Interactive Environments to the needs of a sector and its different areas and platforms: Thematization, Digital Animation, Videogames, Apps and Serious Games.

Today in Spain, Thematic Entertainment has no professionals who are specially trained in the disciplines that make up any of its developments, which are multidisciplinary enough to include the laws of storytelling and interactivity with the most appropriate technological platforms.

ENTI Vocational Training is very familiar with the sector, partly because it is the only training centre in the new technologies that is a member of the International board of the TEA [Themed Entertainment Association], an international association that represents the leading creators in the world along with the developers, designers and producers of attractive interactive venues and experiences. This also guarantees its presence in major companies and multinationals in the sector, including Port Aventura, Walt Disney and Pixar or Universal, among others.

Thematizing is the process of rethinking and redesigning a product or venue based on the experience of an appealing story as a game or entertainment. Today thematization is being applied to a vast number of amusement parks, restaurants, shops, museums, zoos, websites, casinos and an increasingly long list of destinations with the goal of improving the calibre of visitors.

At ENTI Vocational Training, you learn by playing: Learning by Doing!

We will teach you how to create, design, develop and produce memorable venues and experiences. Training in technology is needed to get veritable superheroes in the development of ICT+ART products and services. You will learn how to portray the world of a game, how to model, provide texture and animate your characters, how to create objects using 3-D logic in real time and how to define levels of a game, in the context of an interactive installation of LBE (Location-Based Entertainment) as well.

Thanks to the ENTI Vocational Training programme, you will be trained to:

Generate 2-D and 3-D animations for audiovisual productions and develop interactive multimedia products. You will be trained in developing audiovisual programmes and their plots and in generating natural interactions in real time to add to the world of entertainment, museology, education, etc. The skills range from managing resources to taking and processing images and sounds, and organising and executing the phases in the creation of audiovisual materials.

You will be ready to work with companies focusing on thematic entertainment, the multimedia sector or applied games, or with film producers who are looking for experts who can help them to innovative and are able to generate appealing products by applying the most innovative techniques. This entire world will provide almost 1 million jobs in the European Union alone by 2017.

The professional positions the students in our Vocational Training programme are qualified for include:

> Developer of interactive multimedia audiovisual products

> 2-D and 3-D animation experts

> Experts in creating, assembling and post-producing audiovisuals and thematization.

The professors at ENTI Vocational Training are professionals in the 3-D animation, videogame, artistic design or thematization sectors, and many of them have their own companies. In such a competitive, ever-changing workplace and technological milieu, it is vital for education, languages, techniques and materials to be constantly updated based on market needs.