Vocational Training Programme in developing multiplatform apps for video games

Programming of video games and digital entertainment

The growth of the video game industry and games applied in Catalonia and especially in Barcelona is a great demand for professionals and especially developers. Nowadays there are many regulated and non-regulated studies of programming but most of them are not specialized in videogames and applied games (serious games) as the ones in ENTI-UB.

Our daily contact with the industry of digital interactivity allows us to offer you a CFGS that contains the basic programming formations in both low level languages ​​(C ++ and Java) and high (engines such as Unity and Unreal or others, depending on the market) for both 2D and 3D developments from the optimal use of computer hardware, consoles and mobile devices.

You will learn to program videogames and applied games with all kinds of languages ​​and engines. Always facing that you can work in the videogame industry and the applied games. Not in vain, ENTI-UB has agreements with the main studios and companies in the sector to be able to do the 2nd year practices. But we do not stop here, in ENTI-UB you will acquire the skills and tools for entrepreneurship.

At ENTI-UB, the most important thing is the practical implementation, this way you will learn to think, produce and sell your own video game or applied game. Our methodology is based on learning by doing. That is why we prioritize the PROJECT, the practices and consider the hackathons or Jam’s as a first order educational methodology.