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College of
New Technologies

The College of New Technologies attached to the University of Barcelona (ENTI-UB) was founded in 2013 to contribute to the growth and consolidation of the video game and serious games cluster that extends throughout Barcelona and other cities of Catalonia. For this reason, our centre, a private college but attached to the University of Barcelona, has been the first to create official degrees and advanced vocational qualifications dedicated to the training of professionals throughout the creation, programming, artistic design, production, music, etc., of Video Games and Serious Games, the latter also known as applied games.

Leadership in new technologies

We take an interest in all the fields in which new technologies predominate and new markets and opportunities open up. For that reason, at ENTI-UB, always showing sensitivity to the needs of the professional and technological sectors, we have opened new studies and expanded both our horizons and that of students beyond the video game and interactive leisure sector.

We were the first centre in the state to offer a master’s degree and a degree in music production focused on technology and the entertainment industry. We have been linked to the health sector thanks to the organisation in 4 editions of Serious Games for Health and we are technological partners of the Degree in Physiotherapy and Technology run by EUSES-UdG. We have entered the business sector with our e-Leadership and digital reputation postgraduate course, the education sector with our Master’s Degree in Science in Gamification and Technology, and we have created studies in the field of Cyber Security to provide opportunities to qualified professionals which this growing sector urgently needs.

The ENTI-UB college is, therefore, a hub for the professionals in the technological sector who will form the generation of the professionals of tomorrow in all sectors in which technology, creativity and professionalism go hand in hand.

Official status of the qualifications

All our degree qualifications and vocational training qualifications are regulated and official and, as a centre attached to the University of Barcelona, the academic rigour of our university degrees is guaranteed, they are all official and hold the favourable accreditation seal from the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU in its Catalan acronym).

Learning by doing

We follow the learning by doing methodology at the college.This is an experiential model in which we do not distinguish between theory and practice, as they are merged together right from the beginning. Our students work on real situations thanks to the specific projects designed by teachers, who are in permanent contact with our external partners of the sector, who teach with the focus on the current vision of the industry and its problems and thus offer students their experience on how to solve them. In this way, ENTI-UB graduates have a very professional profile, with current knowledge in the techniques and methodologies used in companies rather than the same old course curricula which have gone out of date.

We prioritise personalised work placements and attention

The professionalisation mission of our studies is reinforced by an extensive work placement programme, with agreements with more than 100 companies in the sector and other commercial and business areas which seek us out as well as students technological solutions for their own businesses.

The students’ satisfaction surveys highlight the proximity of our teaching staff and tutors. At ENTI-UB we monitor each student in a personalised way and provide them with constant support with their personal itinerary, always promoting their strong points and reinforcing an areas which have room for improvement.

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