From the start, we at ENTI have had a clear goal in mind:  to find instructors who in addition to their academic speciality are intimately familiar with the world of videogames. And even more importantly, their teaching must be totally connected to videogames. In other words, nothing is studied at ENTI that is not directly related to videogames and their applications. From mathematics to physics, along with programming and usability, everything that is taught and learnt is directly related to the process of creating and producing videogames and digital animation.

Another of ENTI’s goals is to have professors who frequently work with the videogame industry. Staying in constant contact with the industry in this sector is vital. Just like all technology industries, this is a highly dynamic sector in which programmes vary, languages evolve and end consumers’ needs change. Being in ongoing touch with the sector is the stimulus to constantly update our contents and methods, and we achieve this thanks to the people who work in the sector day in and day out.